Global Health and Biosecurity

Current global health and health security challenges require collaborative technical assistance  to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks. Our multi-sectoral, scalable online courses support global health security, lab system strengthening, and provide disease management technical assistance, 

This page is intended for individuals interested in accessing resources for connecting with potential Principal Investigators for the UAE-NIH Collaborative Awards 2023. The platform encourages early collaboration and communication between Principal Investigators (PIs) who anticipate applying to this funding opportunity

Stigma and discrimination play substantial roles in how health services are sought, accessed, and delivered for many health conditions across the globe. The Training Institute will provide you with the knowledge and resources to understand how to apply novel and cross-cutting stigma methodologies and frameworks to your research, identify and build partnerships with diverse stakeholders to extend the reach of your work, and conduct appropriate, high-quality stigma research.