In collaboration with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL) and Turkish Society of Toxicology (TURKTOX), CRDF Global is hosting this online course to build chemical security-focused academic curricula to be used as an orientation course for incoming students, lab technicians, and other university staff who have or will have access to dual-use chemical weapons (CW) precursor chemicals. The course will encompass chemical security topics such as definitions of pertinent terminology and applicability (safety versys security), dual-use chemicals, identifying threats in chemical security; lab security, including inventory management best practices and access control; insider threats; and developing and writing standard operating procedures. By training academic bodies to adopt a curricula on practical measures to enhance the security of weaponizable chemicals, inventory management, and detection of insider threats, this course will limit non-state actor access to materials and expertise that could potentially be used to conduct a CW attack. Supplementing this online course platform, subject matter experts (SMEs) from LLNL will utilize Zoom to conduct interactive live webinars to allow participants to discuss, develop, and adopt this localized content at Turkish academic institutions. The engagement will be subdivided into three phases: Phase I (3-4 pre-recorded videos to be viewed by participants at their own pace); Phase II (webinar with Q&A); Phase III (feedback and finalization of localized course material).