CRDF Global will implement a remote Laboratory Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVAs), Chemical Neutralization, and Waste Management Workshop for participants from 6 Lebanese universities, such as the American University of Lebanon, Lebanese American University, Lebanese University, Notre Dame University, Mount Lebanon University, St. Joseph University, to support adoption of chemical security protocols for dual use materials and secure weaponizable chemicals. This online training will take place in three phases. In phase one, participants will view pre-recorded training videos at their own pace over a four-week period. The training videos will consist of 7, 30-minute videos covering chemical neutralization strategies, waste management best practices, and security vulnerability assessment protocols. In phase two, the participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topics through a live, three-hour webinar with the subject matter experts (SMEs). In phase three, the subject matter experts (SMEs) will video-call into each university to conduct a virtual security vulnerability assessment walk through to identify vulnerabilities and needs in university laboratories, allowing participants to apply the knowledge and skills they acquired during the online training course.